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Urgently upgrade your wordpress to version 2.6.5

Today, I was working on the on backend of this blog for the more customization of the new theme which I've just installed in the blog, I got a message in backend saying that wordpress 2.6.5 is available upgrade now. It is the urgent security released by Wordpress and if you're running a Wordpress powered blog then upgrade it to version 2.6.5. It is a XSS exploit discovered in the 2.6.5 release. Full story

Upgrade your wordpress – easily and quickly

Hello bloggers mates....well it might be little bit late for alerting you but I think you should upgrade your Wordpress blog if you're using the old version of it. There are a lot of security flaw in the previous versions.Furthermore, if you search in google with the keyword "My blog hacked" and you'll get around 1,060,000 results. Full story

Blogger Sucks, WordPress Wowww!!

After spending 25 days in, with the blog named, i finally decided to move my blog to my own domain. Well, first of all i was quite happy with my blogger account. But i noticed that lots of big name of bloggers are not using the And, i was interested to know why all of them are using Wordpress. Before 5 days, i've installed Wordpress in the local server of my laptop. Finally, i come to know the secret of true and dedicated blogger, its Wodpress. If i have to rate these two blogging platform then i will give 3 to blogger and 9 points to Wordpress out of 10. These are the main reasons to move my blog from to my own domain with Wordpress. Full story
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