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W3c markup validation and Big websites – Is it really needed?

W3c markup validation and Big websites - Is it really needed?
Today, I would like to talk about W3C XHTML validation service.This service checks the XHTML of your website and reports you if your web page have any error or warning according to standard of W3C. If you are talking about this website currently you'll find 74 Errors, 24 warning(s) and frankly I've never been bothered about correcting those errors of XHTML because it takes a bit of time and believe me I'm a very lazy boy. In this post, I would like to show you a interesting data of W3C validation among the top rated websites.You'll be amazed to come to know that they're also lazy like me :-) . Full story

Ip address validation in PHP using regular expression

If you don't know how to validate the IP address format in PHP, then you are in the right place.I'll show you here how to validate the IP address using regular expression in PHP. Full story

Canada’s postal code validation in PHP

Few days back, My friend Narendra asked me how to validate the postal code of Canada which is entered through the text box.And, I came up with this Php function as solution for him. Full story

USA’s Zip Code Validation in PHP

My friend Sushil was trying to write the regular expression for validating the format of the zip code of USA. After spending few minutes, I came to this solution. Full story
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