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Sleek and Smooth animated menu using jQuery

Today, I'm going to show you something interesting with jQuery. Yesterday I was thinking something to post something programming related stuff  in blog after long time and I came across a website, whose menu impressed me a lot. But checking it in a while, I found it it was built using mootools.  Since it was in mootools, I thought of replicating it in jQuery. I have two example of similar menu, first using jQuery core and CSS and another uses jQuery easing plugin to give bounce effect to the same menu.And I've added one more example which I though would be nice menu to show you guys. Full story

Table row manipulation using jQuery JavaScript

In a jQuery tutorial, I've shown how to display different color in alternate row of table using jQuery. This time I've come up with advanced version of same tutorial where you can add different color in alternate row of table whereas you can display a different color when mouse moves over each row of table furthermore you can assign a different color to table row when mouse is clicked in the table row. Full story

Making accordion menu using jquery

Last time, I've shown how to create accordion using jquery. But, In this post I'll show you how can you create fancy accordion menu using jQuery. In this post, you'll see two examples of accordion. First menu's visibility get's toggled on clicking on the header while the another menu's visibility get's toogled when mouse is moved over it. Full story

How to run a php file(script) automatically in a certain interval – Using Cron job

In your project you might have to run a function or script (.php) file automatically for a various reasons like automatic sending email on birthday or automatically close a auction when the end_time is reached. What to do in that situation? .To do these things automatically, you must have a php file which must contains the code and these files should be called automatically at certain certain time. So how to do that? The answer is Cron Job. Cron job are the cron tab command found in the UNIX or Linux system. Now let's see how can we call the file automatically at certain duration. Let's suppose the duration is one hour, now I'll show you how to setup the the cron-job of every one hour to run a PHP file automatically in the Cpanel of your website. Full story
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