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Getting random number between range of two numbers in JavaScript

Yesterday, Steve asked me how can we have random number function in JavaScript like rand() function of PHP where the programmer can specify the range of two numbers within which we need the random number. Today, I'm going to share two functions in JavaScript, In first function , you can specify the number and the function generate the random number between 1 and N. In another JavaScript function, you can specify range of two numbers between which you've to get a random number. Furthermore, there is optional last parameter in these function for decimal places, if provided, will return the random number with the decimal places specified in the third parameter. Full story

Display random number in random way using JavaScript

I think you guys already know about how to get the random number using JavaScript, if you don't know then you can use Math.random() to display a random no ranging from 0 to 1. It would have been better if we display the random number in the random way using JavaScript. Ok, Let's do it.. Full story
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