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Visible text “Password” instead of “********” in the password field

As you know, the user login box of the website contains the following fields username and password. Furthermore, most of them put the "Username" inside user name field and "********" inside password field to save the space within designing.In this post I'll show you how to show "Password" text in the password field. It doesn't actually does so but this tips will make it looks like so. Full story

Password Encryption and Decryption Technique in PHP

I've noticed that many of my friends are storing password in database without encrypting them. This is really a bad technique because if somebody who has access of the database can easily know the password of the particular person. The best functions available in PHP for encryption are md5() and sha1(). These both are one way encryping mechanism i.e the string encrypted with md5() or sha1() can't be decrypted to original string. You might be then wondering how to validate the original string with the encrypted string then you can do this by encrypting the original string and compare both string, Full story
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