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Characteristics of experienced programmer

hello guyz....I'm shifting to new home so I will not be able to post for few days as I've to get another internet connection in new place and connect it but I've not forgotten to post the special dose of Sunday to make you laugh. In this post, I'm going to tell you some characteristics of experienced programmer. After reading this post, please let me know weather you fall within this category or not? Full story
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Few Programming Jokes

Another Sunday and time for some laugh. I've selected some of the humor related to programming and IT for this weekend. I think they are  fun and will bring some laugh to your face. Enjoy the programming related joke. Full story
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WeddingQuery……..Marriage special SQL Query

Today, I got a very funny and hilarious email from a friend of mine. It is so funny and hilarious that I couldn't stop myself for posting it. It is the SQL query created by a programmer who is just going to get married and take a look at this cool SQL query created by him and also don't forget to read the  short and sweet reply from the girl as well. Full story
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