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Height of various stuffs in IT peoples…

Another weekend, time to take break form coding stuffs and enjoy the holiday with some fun.So If you're a regular reader then you might have remembered that I just try to post something funny in the Sunday, taking break from coding stuffs.Today, I've come up with the height of stuffs in the IT peoples hope you will like on and enjoy... Full story
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Diplomatic statements from Project Mangers

Today is the Sunday and as you know I always take break from the coding in the weekend and try to make you laugh as much as I can.  This week I've come up with another diplomatic sentences spoken by the Project Managers peoples. Read the hidden meaning of actual sentences below and analyze what your project managers means to say if they will speak any of the below sentences. Full story
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Some true acronyms

Another weekend, time for some laugh. Today I'm going to post few acronyms and their actual meaning. And believe me, you'll enjoy these true full-forms.  Have a look at these and enjoy. Full story
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Strucutures of Females in defined by C programmer

Today, I've got a interesting email from one of my friend which contains the structure of female defined by a C programmer. This programmer did a research on female and defined their structure in C programming. Checkout these cool structures of females and have fun :-) . Full story
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Don’t marry a girl related to IT profession!!

Today I found a interesting information about marrying a girl who is related to IT profession. And, it suggest that not to marry a girl who is related to the software development field. You want to know why just check out the reason below. Full story
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