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Google PageRank Update…This blog is PR6 now

Sorry sorry sorry...........I'm very very sorry that I couldn't be regular in last week. I'm very very sorry for this as I was very busy with a project. But yesterday morning as I've opened this blog and see that unusual stat in the Google toolbar and it showed Google PageRank-6. I thought I was the stat of some other website. Full story
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My First Google Adsense Cheque

Hello friends you must know Google Adsense is one of the popular way of monetizing the blog. Today, I've got the first cheque from Google and I would like to share it with you guyz. It is not that  big money I'm making from Adsense. In first six month, I was able to make just $165. But, making money from a blog goes slowly and steadily. Most Importantly, this is tech blog and most visitor are aware of Google Adsense so they don't click on the Google ads usually. Full story

5 useful Google search tips you might now know

5 useful Google search tips you might now know
I never knew that Google search can be used as calculator, currency converter or height and weight unit converter. Today I've discovered few Google search technique and I would like to share those technique with you. Look at the few useful search technique and you'll get the answer "Why Google is the superior search engine?". Full story

Google’s Latest PR Update – I’m winner this time

Last time, I was was really disappointed by the google's PR update. I was really unknown about some google's terms and this blog have lost the PR and it went to zero. And believe me, this blog is lame without the traffic of google as it gets more visitor from search engine than the any of the referring site and can't go against the terms of google. Full story
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