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Google Updated the PR – I’m disappointed

It seems that google has updated it's PR yesterday and I got big fat zero this time. I don't know what is the reason behind this. Previously I'd PR1 for this blog and in next update I was hoping of PR3 but got a huge "0" this time. Full story
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Blogger Sucks, WordPress Wowww!!

After spending 25 days in, with the blog named, i finally decided to move my blog to my own domain. Well, first of all i was quite happy with my blogger account. But i noticed that lots of big name of bloggers are not using the And, i was interested to know why all of them are using Wordpress. Before 5 days, i've installed Wordpress in the local server of my laptop. Finally, i come to know the secret of true and dedicated blogger, its Wodpress. If i have to rate these two blogging platform then i will give 3 to blogger and 9 points to Wordpress out of 10. These are the main reasons to move my blog from to my own domain with Wordpress. Full story
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