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Urgently upgrade your wordpress to version 2.6.5

Today, I was working on the on backend of this blog for the more customization of the new theme which I've just installed in the blog, I got a message in backend saying that wordpress 2.6.5 is available upgrade now. It is the urgent security released by Wordpress and if you're running a Wordpress powered blog then upgrade it to version 2.6.5. It is a XSS exploit discovered in the 2.6.5 release. Full story

Upgrade your wordpress – easily and quickly

Hello bloggers mates....well it might be little bit late for alerting you but I think you should upgrade your Wordpress blog if you're using the old version of it. There are a lot of security flaw in the previous versions.Furthermore, if you search in google with the keyword "My blog hacked" and you'll get around 1,060,000 results. Full story
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