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jQuery Programmer ,Php Ajax Freelancer, , Php Ajax Developer, PHP Ajax Programmer, CakePHP & CodeIgniter programmer

php programmer nepal, web developer and freelancer from nepal, web programmerHi…This is Roshan Bhattarai , a web developer /Technical Lead /SEO expert from Nepal, working for a European company – Proshore Web Development.Basically my area of expertise are PHP , ajax, javascript, css and html. If you need any help regarding web development, php programming, Ajax programming, JavaScript, jQuery, Mootools then then i will definitely help you if I’ve a solution. If you have a web project and looking for a freelancer or web developer then i also work as freelancer in my free time.

And furthermore, if you have to develop any web projects in PHP ,Ajax, JavaScript, jQuery  , mootools, cakephp, codeIgniter and looking for a web developer as well as SEO expert then you can contact me, i also work as a freelancer in PHP and Ajax related Project.

Regarding my education qualification, I’ve completed M.Sc (IT) from Anna University, India. After completing my studies in 2004, i’ve been involving in web development in the field of PHP, Ajax, Mysql, Javascript, CSS and HTML and working as a web developer here in Nepal.And if you have to promote your site in the search engine, then i also work on search engine optimization(SEO). I’m a SEO expert as well.

Web development has always been interest of mine since when i started studying Bachelor in Computer Science. I used to spend hours in the Internet especially in the chartrooms. I was really interested in the world of web and started dreaming about being a web developer.And after all, I’ve become a web developer here in Nepal.

Well talking about my career, I’m a web developer involved in PHP/Ajax programming . But frankly speaking, i don’t like the PHP as a programing language compared to the other programming languages like C# or Java. But using the frameworks like Cakephp and CodeIgniter is really making me happy these days.I like the way project are organized into a MVC structure.

Finally, if you need to contact me for any reasons, you can write me at bhattarairoshan[at]yahoo[dot]com.

You can use the contact form to contact me as well.

A CakePHP CodeIgniter Programmer, PHP Ajax freelancer, PHP programmer Nepal, SEO expert Nepal, PHP Ajax Developer and Programmer, jQuery Programmer, Mootools Programmer

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