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Opencrypt: A useful memembership management Software

Today, I would like to talk about OpenCrypt, a useful membership software which has impressed me a lot at the first glance with it's features. If you go through their online demonstration page you will see how this software works. If you're building a website based on membership then you can consider using this software in your project for security and robustness which is built using Perl and PHP. Full story

Modules and Server required for video sharing websites

Few days back, I was discussing about projects with a chat friend and I've informed him that we're working on the video emailing project where users upload the video and it will be converted into .flv format before storing in the server for minimizing file size. Then he shoot me bunch of questions, What is required for this in PHP ? What kind of server is required ? and which server should I choose? Full story

A new search engine

Which search engine do you use for searching the stuff you're looking for? I know the answer and I don't think I've to tell you or write the answer out here. But today, I'm going to talk about a new search engine I've came across, - define itself as a human powered search. But I didn't understand what is the reason behind their saying of Human Powered Search - it must be the rating system in the search result but I'm still not clear with this term yet. I tried to look at the answer of my question in different section of this website but couldn't find the answer. When I went to their about us page, I didn't find anything. I think they need to update their about us page and explain us clearly about them so that each visitor come to know the detail of this new search engine. Full story

Choosing the best among the web hosting providers

You'll be in a great confusion if you have to buy the service from a new web hosting provider. There are many web hosting providers in the market and you've to choose the best among them so that you'll not be suffered by choosing it. Most of the customers suffers from bad web hosting companies due to their unreliability and lacking of sustainability in the high volume of traffic.So, I always suggest you to compare the features of web hosting providers before buying it. Full story

Broadband connection’s speed and my experience

Few days back, I was talking to a friend from Europe and we're sharing our experience about Internet. I told him that I'm using 64 kbps broadband internet connection at home and he was shocked after hearing that. He even told me that he can't Imagine life with such a low broadband  Connection. He is using 25-28 mpbs broadband connection at home.Now, it's time for me to become shocked. As, I don't know when such kind of high speed broadband connection will be available at Nepal. I hope I'll be able to use such a great high speed Internet connection at my home at a reasonable price in near future. Full story
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