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Solving time difference between hosting server and local timezone in PHP

I think this is one of the common problem you'll face while you're working for the website of a particular country and web server is located in another different country. If client have the dedicated server then you won't face this problem. But if you just own a single account of that server then you'll most probably face this problem of synchronizing the time difference of server time and local time. Full story

Hide actual url in address-bar using iframe

Do you want to hide the actual URL in the address-bar? Do you want to display the same url throughout the website? Then here is the tips for you do the same in your website. Just display the same URL i.e throughout your website in address bar, no matter if you in the page Full story

How to check and enable mod_rewrite module in apache

How to check and enable mod_rewrite module in apache
Well, I've got around 15 emails asking from readers, how to check the mod_rewrite module in apache and enable mod_rewrite module in apache after reading two most of the popular post of this blog 5 useful url rewriting examples and hide .php extension with url rewriting. Full story

How to make rounded corner textbox using css

In this post, I'll explain to you how to make the rounded corner textbox using a image and css. Text box is placed over a container element whose background image is the key of the rounded corner textbox. Full story

How to make accordion using jquery and css

Last time I've written an article about how to make expand-collapse toggle panel using jQuery. Now, this time I'll show you how to make collipsible accordion using jQuery.An accordion is a toggle pane where one pane slides down the other pane slides up. Full story
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