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Understanding and Validating Integers in PHP

I've found many of my friends struggling with the validation of integers i.e. the numbers with only digits in PHP. Some of them were wondering why is_int() or is_integer() functions of PHP sometimes works and sometimes won't. Full story

Ajax login validation system in PHP using jQuery

Last time, I've showed you how to check user availability in Ajax using jQuery's fading effect. But I've just shown the example without connecting the database and some people have faced problem with database connecting solution of that problem.In this post, I'll show you how to use Ajax login system in php using jQuery and some animation as well. Full story
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Change default directory page using .htaccess

I know you guzy all know about index file. This is the default file which is executed in the web server. For example, if you type"" in this the browser, the "index.php" gets loaded first. This "index.php" file is commonly know as directory index file. Full story
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Ip address validation in PHP using regular expression

If you don't know how to validate the IP address format in PHP, then you are in the right place.I'll show you here how to validate the IP address using regular expression in PHP. Full story

Textbox to accept only numbers (digits) using jquery

Few days back, my friend Parleen asked me how can we make a textbox which just accepts only numbers specially digits only. And, for his I come up with this solution of textbox which only accepts digits, and if you try to enter any alpha bates in it then it displays the error message with animation. Full story
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