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Prevent form post request from another domain in PHP

HTTP POST request from outside domain is one of the way of attacking your website. A intruder can use JavaScript in other domain or localhost to send the repetitive POST request to your web page  containing PHP script. We must prevent this kind of cross domain form posting which might be harmful of our website. Full story
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SQL Injection Attack – Examples and Preventions in PHP

What is SQL injection? It is a basically a trick to inject SQL command or query as a input mainly in the form of the POST or GET method in the web pages. Most of the websites takes parameter from the form and make SQL query to the database. For a example, in a product detail page of php, it basically takes a parameter product_id from a GET method and get the detail from database using SQL query. With SQL injection attack, a intruder can send a crafted SQL query from the URL of the product detail page and that could possibly do lots of damage to the database. And even in worse scenario, it could even drop the database table as well. Full story

Cross-site scripting ( xss ) attack by example and prevention in PHP

What are cross-site scripting (XSS ) Attacks? Cross-site scripting attacks are attacks that target the end user instead of your actual site. Vulnerable web applications that don't check or validate properly incoming data let arbitrary code to run on a client computer (such as Javascript). The end result can be anything from stealing cookie data or redirecting to a different site, to embedding a browser exploit on a page. Anything that can be done with Javascript (a lot!). Full story
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