Create mobile sites in a fly using mobilemo

Have you accessed this blog through your mobile phones or PDA? It looks very big and totally inaccessible from those devices. These blog is basically designed and formatted to be fitted for the PC not for the small screened devices.And, you might know that the sites designed for mobile devices are known as “WAP sites” as it uses Wireless Application and they are designed to be fitted for the small screened mobile devices.

All kind of vehicle services for you

Today, I was talking with my friend who stays in Ripon, a city of England. He wanted to buy a medium-size vehicle and I’ve suggested him to buy Land Rover vehicle.He said he couldn’t afford it. Then I showed him a website which provides various services for LandRover like providing Loan for vehicles, servicing of vehicles and you can also buy preowned vehicles from them.

Is google Invading privacy

Google, the world’s largest Internet search engine, is on several fronts a danger that has to be stopped, a study released by Austria’s Graz University claims.
A research team led by Prof Hermann Maurer, chairman of Graz University’s Institute for Information Systems and Computer Media, argues that Google is creating unacceptable monopolies in many areas of the worldwide web.
According to his research, around 61 billion Internet searches are conducted each month. In the US, on average 57 per cent of searches are conducted with Google, and up to 95 per cent of Internet users use Google at least sometimes.
“Google is massively invading privacy,” the study said with the company knowing more than any other organisation about individuals and companies, but not bound by national data protection laws.

The study argues that Google is influencing economies in the way advertisements and documents are ranked.
The other form of Google’s invasion is the Google Maps. There are lots of important areas in the countries where you are not allowed to take snaps due to security reasons.It is restricted. But Google don’t care about the privacy policy of that particular country, and all the private places of that country are listed in Google’s Map.

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