Back to blogging after 7 months

Hello friends, I’m extremely sorry for being away for a long time from this blog. I was missing this blog a lot but due to many circumstances I hadn’t had time to update this blog. There were many things happened to my life. But Finally, I’m back to the track and will start updating this blog regularly. got a new look….

It was a long run and I’ve waited for this moment. As the information  and post was growing, I always wanted to change the previous theme of this blog and today finally the moment has come. Here goes the new theme of this blog. Please let me know what do  you think about this theme. Which one is better this one or previous one ?

Broadband connection’s speed and my experience

Few days back, I was talking to a friend from Europe and we’re sharing our experience about Internet. I told him that I’m using 64 kbps broadband internet connection at home and he was shocked after hearing that. He even told me that he can’t Imagine life with such a low broadband  Connection. He is using 25-28 mpbs broadband connection at home.Now, it’s time for me to become shocked. As, I don’t know when such kind of high speed broadband connection will be available at Nepal. I hope I’ll be able to use such a great high speed Internet connection at my home at a reasonable price in near future.

Making Money from blog with the help of WP Affiliate Elite

Everybody tells me that my blog is under monetized. Ya it is a bitter truth of this blog. I’m always looking for the better option to make money from this blog. And, you must know that affiliate marketing is one the best and largest method of monetizing your blog. Today, I’ve purchased a great plugin WP affiliate eliite for improving the affiliate marking income with the help of this blog. Let me show you how much money you can earn from affiliate marketing and how this plugin helps to make money for you.

WeddingQuery……..Marriage special SQL Query

Today, I got a very funny and hilarious email from a friend of mine. It is so funny and hilarious that I couldn’t stop myself for posting it. It is the SQL query created by a programmer who is just going to get married and take a look at this cool SQL query created by him and also don’t forget to read the  short and sweet reply from the girl as well.

Get the IT magazines, journals and white paper at free of cost

Hello friends….Today I’m very happy to announce a good news for the readers of In collaboration with Today, I’ve launched, it a free book and magazine store and the resources available are all in free of cost. So don’t be late start surfing the store right now and get the free copy IT related magazines, journals and white papers.

My First Google Adsense Cheque

Hello friends you must know Google Adsense is one of the popular way of monetizing the blog. Today, I’ve got the first cheque from Google and I would like to share it with you guyz. It is not that  big money I’m making from Adsense. In first six month, I was able to make just $165. But, making money from a blog goes slowly and steadily. Most Importantly, this is tech blog and most visitor are aware of Google Adsense so they don’t click on the Google ads usually. that a coincidence or bargaining attempt?

You might have heard that Jeremy Shoemaker’s ( twitter account with user name “shoemoneymedia” was deleted by twitter for some violation of rule and within few hours this account was taken by another person and started tweeting in the name of Jeremy. Well, Shoemoney is one of the biggest name in the Internet Marketing and somebody would really like to use his name so that he can make some deal with him.

Different Flavours of Icons for Subscribing RSS Feed of this blog

I know you all have heard about the blogging Idol competition and I’m one of the participant of that competition. The winner will be the one who will be able to get more and more number of RSS subscribers in the month of July. And, to add some flavor in this   competition, I’ve come up with different RSS Icons for subscribing to RSS feed of this blog. Let’s see how many RSS subscribers this blog will get from these ICONS.

Help me to become the first Blogging Idol

There is a fun competition on organized by named as Blogging Idol Competetion. This is competition among those blogs of which have less than 1,000 RSS Subscribers and I’ve also participated in this.The question is who is going to be the winner? The blog which will be able increase more number of RSS subscribers in the month of July that other blogs will be announced as the winner.

Get travel insurance before visiting new places

One of my friend in Australia planning a flight to Nepal and it was a good news for me . It’s been a good news for me and I wanted to welcome him but don’t know when the political parties call bandh(strikes). Furthermore, crime rate is going up a bit of high these days in Nepal. It is true that traveling to any country which is new to you, is unpredictable and circumstances can be unpredictable.