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How to redirect browser to https (ssl) in php

Most of the e-commerce website uses payment gateway for online payment. And, those sites uses SSL (secure socket layer) connection to transfer data to and from the payment gateway. Full story

Change default directory page using .htaccess

I know you guzy all know about index file. This is the default file which is executed in the web server. For example, if you type"" in this the browser, the "index.php" gets loaded first. This "index.php" file is commonly know as directory index file. Full story
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How to check and enable mod_rewrite module in apache

How to check and enable mod_rewrite module in apache
Well, I've got around 15 emails asking from readers, how to check the mod_rewrite module in apache and enable mod_rewrite module in apache after reading two most of the popular post of this blog 5 useful url rewriting examples and hide .php extension with url rewriting. Full story

5 useful url rewriting examples using .htaccess

If you are looking for the examples of URL rewriting then this post might be useful for you. In this post, I've given five useful examples of URL rewriting using .htacess. If you don't know something about url rewriting then please check my older post about url rewriting using .htaccess. Full story

Prevent Directory Listing using .htaccess

Prevent Directory Listing using .htaccess
What is directory listing ? As we know, most of the website contains "images" folder inside the root folder. If we type "" in the browser and it shows the listing of the files in the browser like the picture below which means that directory listing is allowed on that web server. It's better not to show the files inside the directory of the web sever for the security purpose. Full story
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