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Solving time difference between hosting server and local timezone in PHP

I think this is one of the common problem you'll face while you're working for the website of a particular country and web server is located in another different country. If client have the dedicated server then you won't face this problem. But if you just own a single account of that server then you'll most probably face this problem of synchronizing the time difference of server time and local time. Full story

Finding difference of days between two dates in PHP

Yesterday, my friend Roshan was was struggling to find the days difference between to two dates in PHP. Well, after a while I came up with the solution for him. The date format he's using was "YYYY-MM-DD", which is the standard format of date value stored in the MySql database. Full story

Date or Time Comparison in PHP

If you've to compare the difference between two dates or times values. How you're going to accomplish it in PHP ? If you don't know how to do it, then here is simple fuction for you to compare the date (as well as time) in PHP. For this comparison to take place, the argument supplied to this function must be in a USA and ISO date format. Full story
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