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How to display panel (div) only in Internet Explorer (IE)

If you view this blog in Internet Explorer(IE), you'll a small yellow panel in the top of this blog but you can't see that block if you open this blog in other browsers. And, a lot of people has asked me how can we do that, today I would like to share that tips with you guys. This IE specific comments will be easy for you to cope with the wired CSS bugs found in IE as well. Full story
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Useful Keyboard Shortcut keys in Mozilla Firefox

Today, I was playing with Firefox 3 and really enjoyed surfing the net with Firefox 3. It looks really cool. Today, I discovered some of the useful keyboard shortcut keys for the Mozilla Firefox Browser. I want to share this with you guys. Full story

Firebug and Google Toolbar was not working for me in Firefox 3

Today, I got the new and over talked Firefox 3 today. It looks great from all the point of view but there are some sad stuff along with this download for me. I couldn't use some of my Firefox add-ons with this new version of Firefox3. Full story

Let’s set the “world record” by downloading Firefox 3

Which is your favorite web browser? It's not going to be IE if you're a web designer of developer. My personal favorite browser is Mozilla Firefox. And it is the one of the most popular browser among the tech people. Today is one of the great day for Mozilla. Full story
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