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I’m Sorry !!! But Thank you for the achievement

I'm really sorry that I've not been posting in this blog from last few days. Well, I'm moving the hosting of this blog and the electricity problem which I've mentioned before are the reason behind my irregular posting. I'm also disappointed with drop in PR of this blog. Full story

How to know the feedcount of the feedburner’s user?

If you are a blogger then you must know about feedcount. Feedcount refers to the no of subscribes of the rss feed of that blog or website which is powered by Feedburner. You can look at the example below. Full story

Google Updated the PR – I’m disappointed

It seems that google has updated it's PR yesterday and I got big fat zero this time. I don't know what is the reason behind this. Previously I'd PR1 for this blog and in next update I was hoping of PR3 but got a huge "0" this time. Full story
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7 Useful SEO tips for WordPress Blog

7 Useful SEO tips for Wordpress Blog
Yesterday Luqmaan of emailed me and asked about the secret of traffic of my blog. I'm very happy with the way traffic is growing in this blog. I've started this blog in this domain from 4th of Jan 2008. All the other old posts are imported from my old blog to few difficulties in, I've decieded to move my blog to Wordpress. And in less than two months, Alexa ranking of this blog is 253,907 which seems really surprising for Luqmaan. Full story

Blogrush is Racist – It sucks

Blogrush is Racist - It sucks
I've seen that many of my blogger friend are using Blogrush widget in their blog so i wanted to give a try with this widget and i signed up for this website Full story
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