Get Bucks for your hobby

Everybody has different type of hobby. My hobby includes traveling, listing to music and obviously the most is blogging. Writing about Php, Ajax, Javascript, web 2.0 and my personal interest has been my passion nowadays. And what do you need extra if you can earn money from blogging. Well, everybody wants to make money from blogging. Although, some bloggers say they don’t blog for money but I think it’s not true at all.And, if you really want to make money from your passion and hobby then why don’t you check out this website!!!

Visitor Overview of last 6 days -Thanks a lot for your Love !!!!

I’ve moved this blog to my domain on 5th Jan 2008 before that i was operation blog in the I find lots of Benefits of WordPress and I’ve decided to move my blog to this domain. And before moving my blog to this domain, I used to get around 10 to 25 visitors per day but after placing the blog in 5th of Jan, here is the stat of visitors I’ve got from Google analytics which ranges from 6th Jan to 11th Jan.

Blogger Sucks, WordPress Wowww!!

After spending 25 days in, with the blog named, i finally decided to move my blog to my own domain. Well, first of all i was quite happy with my blogger account. But i noticed that lots of big name of bloggers are not using the And, i was interested to know why all of them are using WordPress. Before 5 days, i’ve installed WordPress in the local server of my laptop. Finally, i come to know the secret of true and dedicated blogger, its Wodpress. If i have to rate these two blogging platform then i will give 3 to blogger and 9 points to WordPress out of 10. These are the main reasons to move my blog from to my own domain with WordPress.