First of all I want to show you the visitor detail of this blog. This blog is getting around average of more than 97,000 unique visits and more than 1,50,000 page views in a month.

Visitors Overview:
You can clearly see the visitor’s detail of one month in the image below taken directly from Google Analytics.


Google PageRank: 6

Alexa Ranking : 20,774 (at February 11, 2010)

Compete Rank : 51,009 (at August 21 , 2009)

No of RSS Subscribers : 2700+

Review of Website: $120

If you’ve product ,website or service to be reviewed which is related to this blog then send me the details at info[at]roshanbh[dot]com[dot]np or contact me directly from here. Your post will be there for forever in this blog. Please note that I won’t promote the product for money so all the links provided in the review will have no-follow link.


125X125 ad blocks at side bar: $50 per month

Ad blocks are available at right hand side of this blog at the very nominal cost of $50 per month. Contact me at info[at]roshanbh[dot]com[dot]np or contact me directly from here.

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