got a new look….

It was a long run and I’ve waited for this moment. As the information¬† and post was growing, I always wanted to change the previous theme of this blog and today finally the moment has come. Here goes the new theme of this blog. Please let me know what do¬† you think about this theme. Which one is better this one or previous one ?

I would like to hear the honest response from you guyz and let me know any feedback and Improvement I’ve to do if there is any. Here is the some of the feeback from my twitter friend quickly after changing the theme.

twitter roshanbh

Hope to hear some honest comment from you.

18 thoughts on “ got a new look….

  1. it seems more like a cms site.. than a blog.. !! i feel that the visitors will get more information from the new look.. they can get more and easy access to different categories and articles.. seems to be more informative..

    i am also thinking of changing the theme of my blog.. still searching for a nice and appropriate theme.. :)

  2. bharat

    oh yes, it really cool and simple than prevoiuos one.

  3. Great !! It looks more managed…………..and also pleasant for our eyes too….

  4. @all – Thanks all for the comment……and special thanks goes to Mukesh Chapagain for reporting the porblem in the comment posting in the new theme……

  5. Looks great.

  6. Bill

    I Like the new look.

  7. Hi Roshan:

    I like the color palette and nav system, they are very user friendly, but I think your site now looks very generic.

    I think your logo should be a bit larger.

    Keep up the good job,

  8. @kamy – thanks for the suggestion….I’ll try to make the logo larger in future…

  9. Haico

    Hi Roshan, this looks way better then before, I only would make the logo larger because the add on the right side attracts more attention.

  10. @Haico – Thanks I’ll make the logo larger whenever I’ll have time to work on the theme of this blog..thanks for your suggestion….

  11. it looks cleaner now but one thing got me looking here and there…. the homepage, imho, is very very loaded and the information is clattered all over the place. for my eyes i think it should display less things there….

  12. @stratosg- thanks for the suggestion and highly appreciated but what I though that rather than showing recent 5 post it would be better to show many useful post in the front page so that user will have many choices for navigation…

  13. Cool design !!! But i agree with stratosg , the home page seems too loaded with infos … looks very scrambled in particular …. but as i have said before, the look and the color scheme is cool.. gives pleasant look … And one more thing .. did you made this design or what ??

  14. @Rajit – thanks for the comment….this is not the design which I’ve made…..I’ve just the customized the design , you can check the credit note of creator in footer note…

  15. @ Roshan. This is one of the best template i ever seen. Really nice theme and looks more professional. This look is same as the i love the top category design. Can you tell me where did you buy this. i am looking for a good theme

  16. hey roshan, the new layout looks good! it’s an improvement over the previous one. I would simplify it even further by having fewer menu options (maybe with dropdowns on hover) and one column for your posts on the homepage instead of two. you’re on the right track, though, and I applaud your effort to improve the usability of your site.

  17. @tevan – Thanks a lot for the suggestion..I’ll definitely consider them valuable for future reference…

  18. hi good thank you master

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