Opencrypt: A useful memembership management Software

Today, I would like to talk about OpenCrypt, a useful membership software which has impressed me a lot at the first glance with it’s features. If you go through their online demonstration page you will see how this software works. If you’re building a website based on membership then you can consider using this software in your project for security and robustness which is built using Perl and PHP.

Why membership software is needed?

As the name specifies, if you are building a website which may have different members like free members, paid members (such as monthly subscription) etc. Furthermore, if you want to allow access to certain content to paid members and block access for free members to these areas then this software is very useful for security and flexibility.

Furthermore, if you want charge money to visitors who download or access your website content then this software is highly useful.

Features of OpenCrypt

Here are some of the main features of the OpenCrypt membership software:

1) Manage membership subscriptions and member’s areas

2) Automated membership renewal and billing system

3) Intregrated shopping cart

4) In built point system and download manager for allowing you to charge for accessing your content and downloads.

5) Template based front-end for easy customization.

6) Helpdesk, article management and affiliate systems.

These are the main feature of this software. For full feature detail you can check their membership software features page.

But one small suggestion, when I logged in inside the user management area there was still the link for login which I think should not have been there if a user is logged in. Please take this as my suggestion part.

But overall, this software has impressed me a lot while looking at their online demonstration and I’ll suggest you to give this software a try if your website is mainly focused on the membership subscriptions.

5 thoughts on “Opencrypt: A useful memembership management Software

  1. Spelling of using is misspelled at last of first paragraph.

    Anyway wish you Happy Tihar.

  2. @Deineshd – thanks for heads up dude….I’ll correct it now..

  3. Anon

    And they are a site sponsor????

  4. @Anon – it’s my honest review and nothing to do with site sponsoring otherwise I would not have posted the criticism like “login link after logging would have been there”.. I would have informed them about that and would not have posted that here…

  5. After Roshan’s kind review of our software we decided to sponsor the site to help support his project as he has ours.

    Thanks again Roshan!

    – OpenCrypt Team

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