Modules and Server required for video sharing websites

Few days back, I was discussing about projects with a chat friend and I’ve informed him that we’re working on the video emailing project where users upload the video and it will be converted into .flv format before storing in the server for minimizing file size. Then he shoot me bunch of questions, What is required for this in PHP ? What kind of server is required ? and which server should I choose?

What kind of server and modules are required for video projects?

If you want to built a video sharing website then you must have FFMPEG module should be installed in your web server.Then you can use script like PHPMotion to make a Youtube like video sharing website.

Another question is What kind of server is required ? The answer is either go for Dedicated server-a completely user owned server or go for Virtual Private Server (VPS). In VPS, server’s resources like CPU, memory are partitioned among the various users and making each part like a private server which makes VPS. In VPS, you’ll have complete access your part of machine and you can access root folder using SSH.You can also restart the server , CPU of which is partitioned to you.

If you are wondering which server to choose then I recommend you to choose VPS Server for video sharing website as It is very cheap compared to dedicated server.

Which web hosting provider should I choose?

You must know that most of the web hosting providers don’t have FFMPEG installed in their server.If you don’t know any FFMPEG hosting then I would recommend you to check out .They have FFMPEG enabled VPS Hosting which means you will not have much hassle for installing FFMPEG. Furthermore, they also have Red5 ,open source flash sever,pre-installed in their VPS Hosting for making video sharing website more robust.

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  1. Never thought really about this and nice tips, thanks

  2. @David- welcome .. I’m here to post these kind of tips for readers of this blog..

  3. Kudos Roshan, you really cover a wide variety of topics on your blog, all of which apply to everyday web development.

  4. @Matt- thank you Matt..Some people are saying to cover more topic than the ones I’m covering now..

  5. supports ffmpeg in their shared plan too. Going vps for the startups is the best option.

  6. hello,
    i am working on something like and i have searching to have more knowledge on video sharing,
    i will like to know everything to make a site well adapted to video sharing, please and tip or tutorials i will be grateful, also how can i setup that on localhost, developing on my desktop.
    any help will be highly appreciated

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