How to ralax in office ?

Sorry friends….I couldn’t post the doze for sunday in past two weeks. But I’m with with the sunday fun again this week. Everybody knows that Sunday is fun-day and developers don’t want to go through coding on this day. Now, take a look a picture below and you’ll get idea what to do when you get bored at your office tomorrow so enjoy …

This is how not-tech people survives a day in office.

how to survice in office

But this the way tech people survives a day in office!!!!

how to survice in office

5 thoughts on “How to ralax in office ?

  1. haven’t thought about it but here is the thing… what if YOU are the tech support? :S keep those Sunday fun posts coming. I really enjoy them mate!

  2. @stratosg – if I were a tech support then I would not have posted this article….LOL…

    sorry for few weeks where I couldn’t post anything…I’ll be regular afterwards…

  3. How about for the user who calls ‘the website is down’ talk about wasting time:

  4. IMF

    @-Carlos: Quite funny, I think I saw the video somewhere else.

  5. Hahaha.. you right.. but i’m at help desk position T_T

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