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How to ralax in office ?

How to ralax in office ?
Sorry friends....I couldn't post the doze for sunday in past two weeks. But I'm with with the sunday fun again this week. Everybody knows that Sunday is fun-day and developers don't want to go through coding on this day. Now, take a look a picture below and you'll get idea what to do when you get bored at your office tomorrow so enjoy ... Full story
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Model File upload overlay box using jQuery and Thickbox

Few times back, sNare asked me how do display wordpress like overlay box where you can pass the variables when you click on the link and manipulate simultaneous actions in the overlay until user choose to close it. Today, I've come up with the solution of this with model upload overlay box using thickbox, a jquery plugin. I've used the Iframe content of thickbox while displaying the box as modal box. Full story

Opencrypt: A useful memembership management Software

Today, I would like to talk about OpenCrypt, a useful membership software which has impressed me a lot at the first glance with it's features. If you go through their online demonstration page you will see how this software works. If you're building a website based on membership then you can consider using this software in your project for security and robustness which is built using Perl and PHP. Full story

jQuery plugin: word-counter for textarea

Sorry friends on the way of move to new home I've been lost from the blog as I didn't have internet connection for few last weeks. Now, I'm back and I try to be regular as much as I can. Inspired from the new feature of wordpress 2.6.x which displays word count of each post, I've developed jQuery plugin to display word-count of Textarea. Please note that it is word count plugin not character counter. Full story

Characteristics of experienced programmer

hello guyz....I'm shifting to new home so I will not be able to post for few days as I've to get another internet connection in new place and connect it but I've not forgotten to post the special dose of Sunday to make you laugh. In this post, I'm going to tell you some characteristics of experienced programmer. After reading this post, please let me know weather you fall within this category or not? Full story
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