The winner of premium template is ……

Today, I would like to announce the winner of the competition held for a free premium templates from I would like to thanks all the people who has participated in this competition. Although, The participants are not as mush as I’ve expected but this is the first competition I’ve run in this blog. Let me announce the winner of the free premium template from

And the winner is

The winner of this competition is : Kamy from .

Kamy Please choose the appropriate template from and mail me at bhattarairoshan[at]yahoo[dot]com .

5 thoughts on “The winner of premium template is ……

  1. I am not agree with your result announce process. There should be transparency. You had better to explain why had you chosen Kamy from . and why not other participant.
    Mr. Blogger Bhattrai

  2. @Roshan – As I’ve mentioned in the competition post, I’ve mentioned that you must post a useful comment and why do you need the free template and If you read the comments it’s obvious that kamy need that template desperately than any other comment poster so I’ve chosen him as a winner..

    sorry for other guyz…

  3. Thank you Roshan!

    It’s MUCH appreciated.

    I’ll select a template in next few days and will inform you.



  4. congrats to kamy and keep on going to you 😉

  5. @stratosg- thank you man….I’ll try to post more competition in future

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