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Another Sunday and time to take break from coding, programming and all. Today, I got a really interesting email from a Indian friend of mine and a CV was attached with that email. I don’t know who has made this COOL CV but what I think you should really make a CV like this and use it for future purpose and do let me know the response from the new employer :-) .

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3 Comments on “Very Cool CV…”

  • stratosg wrote on 21 September, 2008, 22:32

    as always you made my Sunday! very nice and funny post!

  • kamal wrote on 21 October, 2008, 23:19

    so cooooooooooool, i think i will use it ;)

  • Elyot wrote on 22 August, 2009, 15:58

    very funny……………………. :)

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