Pain of web developers

Every sunday I post some funny jokes or pictures related to Technology but today I’m going to post a so true video for the Web Developer guyz. A big thanks goes toΒ  Bogdan who sent me the link of this video. I really have to admire this video and have to say thanks to the person who has made this video.This is so true video which tells what many web developer are going through their development process and in their office.

Are you going through the same pain?

13 thoughts on “Pain of web developers

  1. I feel your pain. Even we freelancers have some of these problems.

  2. @Binny V A- yes even the same things applies to the freelancer as well…some clients are really difficult to handle

  3. that is so true…i’m feeling it now…

  4. very nice video.. have experienced such problems.. πŸ˜€

  5. actually my boss changed his mind three to four times a day on what i should build… in that work the code i threw away was twice as more as the one we kept (i bet they threw the rest of it away as soon as i left). i so feel the pain… gimme a hug πŸ˜›

  6. @stratosg- I think you need a huge hug…

  7. Sad because it is true!

  8. Hugs Up !

  9. Give me a hug roshan.

  10. samething applys for all the programmers.. malai ta runa maan lagyo …

  11. Jason Marks

    So, so, so, true!! The pains of being a developer. On the other hand there are the joys…

  12. Oh dear god yes. Actually I think it’s worse for freelancers, we get to be hated by full time staff for being overpaid and despised by consultants for being outside the system.

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