Google PageRank Update…This blog is PR6 now

Sorry sorry sorry………..I’m very very sorry that I couldn’t be regular in last week. I’m very very sorry for this as I was very busy with a project. But yesterday morning as I’ve opened this blog and see that unusual stat in the Google toolbar and it showed Google PageRank-6. I thought I was the stat of some other website.

But today morning again, I’ve opened the website and it was PR6 then I’ve checked the stat with the it was confirmed that it’s PR6 now. This blog had PR5 before this PR update.

What about urs blog ? PR is decreased or increased ?

76 thoughts on “Google PageRank Update…This blog is PR6 now

  1. What secrets would you use to increase the pr of blog….

  2. Great !! You must have worked a lot to get this page rank.. congrats

  3. When is there a pr-update?

  4. It seems it went back to PR4.

  5. Great i hope for a PR this update. :)

  6. your seo technical is very well

  7. congrats, even i got some backlinks from pr 6 sites my my pr is still 0 . how can i increase it

  8. when is the next page rank update ? seems to be in that month but is not sure ….

  9. Today I checked your PR… only 4. I hope the PR will increase again in the future.
    Greetz from Munich!

  10. Google changes PR in every 3 months and it is all they done on the basis of Google PR Algorithm…last they updated PR in June, 2009.

  11. Congratulation! It hard work to get a nice PR

  12. Congratulation my friend….btw what a great way to increase google PR can you explained for me thanks a lot

  13. excellent blog. Way to go

  14. Congratulations buddy. Nice site

  15. Well done. My blog increased from n/a to PR0. Looks like I have got work to do. Great content seems to be the key to your PR6. I am just getting started, and hope to be at your level someday soon.

  16. Cool, Congrats guys! it`s pretty cool stuff that this Blog got the Pr I think.

    Greetings from Germany


  17. Hey, congrats but… I don`t get the Hype about PR… Pr lloks nice but I don`t get what it is good for these Days…

  18. Im Still PR 0. Hope can be PR 6 Like Your’s
    You are right about the Content is King..

  19. This blog is really nice and informative

  20. Deepika

    Went back to PR2

  21. Nice Blog, thank you

  22. Nice Blog, thank you

  23. expression was very nice thank you:)

  24. Nice Blog, thank you

  25. Nice Blog, thank you

  26. This blog is really nice and informative

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