Choosing the best among the web hosting providers

You’ll be in a great confusion if you have to buy the service from a new web hosting provider. There are many web hosting providers in the market and you’ve to choose the best among them so that you’ll not be suffered by choosing it. Most of the customers suffers from bad web hosting companies due to their unreliability and lacking of sustainability in the high volume of traffic.So, I always suggest you to compare the features of web hosting providers before buying it.

How to compare and get suitable web hosting provider?

There are many web hosting review and rating websites where you can find the information and review among the good web hosting providers. You can compare the features among the leading hosting providers in market. If you want to find the comparison among the different leading web hosting providers then you can view this web hosting rating is a new web hosting rating website where they are trying to build one of the biggest web hosting provider guide.

How to find a suitable web hosting plan? The answer of this question is a bit complicated. It depends upon the requirement of you and your websites.For example, if you have a web development company then what kind of web hosting plan will you buy ? My answer would be Reseller Hosting Providers as I can sell the web spaces among my customers where I act like a secondary web hosting provider. You can also buy Shared hosting or Virtual Private hosting(VPS) depending upon your requirement. If you want to know more about them then you can check the web hosting tutorials from

Things you’ve to care about before choosing a web hosting provider

Here are the list of things you have to care about before choosing a web hosting provider.

  1. Web Space – What is the size of space they are providing at the give cost ? Is is cheaper than others?
  2. Bandwidth – What is the limitation of bandwidth(data transfer allowed) per month allowed? Is is enough for you per month ? Is it better than the other web hosting providers?
  3. Uptime – Uptime measure weather the given web hosting provider is reliable or not. For example, 99% uptime tells that you’re going to get hassle for 1 minute in every 100 minute. Is that web hosting provider has the uptime of 99.99% or not?
  4. Awards – Weather the web hosting providers you’re going to choose has got any web hosting awards for their excellent service or not. This measure also justify their excellency about the service.

These are the most basic things you’ve to look after before choosing the best web hosting provider.So, if you’ve to buy a web hosting provider then I recommend to read the reviews and their features from .

6 thoughts on “Choosing the best among the web hosting providers

  1. nice layout of the important factors that go into selecting a web host that meets all of your needs.

  2. @Tom – Thank you…at least these basic knowledge will let you know how to choose suitble web hosting provider for your need…

  3. Good points.

    IMHO, good support is also a good factor to consider when choosing a good hosting company.


  4. @Tom- Absolutely Good support is one of the biggest factor which I’ve missed out there…Web hosting without any quick support is worst than anything…

  5. Those are some good points to ponder when you are picking a new hosting company, a few other ones might be is it a green host or one with less of a carbon footprint? that’s kind of a big buzz word these days. Put that together with great tech support and you have a winning hosting combination.

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