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Which search engine do you use for searching the stuff you’re looking for? I know the answer and I don’t think I’ve to tell you or write the answer out here. But today, I’m going to talk about a new search engine I’ve came across, RankNoodle.com – define itself as a human powered search. But I didn’t understand what is the reason behind their saying of Human Powered Search – it must be the rating system in the search result but I’m still not clear with this term yet. I tried to look at the answer of my question in different section of this website but couldn’t find the answer. When I went to their about us page, I didn’t find anything. I think they need to update their about us page and explain us clearly about them so that each visitor come to know the detail of this new search engine.

Search Result from RankNoodle.com

I’ve tried the to the search result of this new search engine. First, I tried the keyword PHP Ajax Blog and thanks to the the search result. This blog is ranked top in the search result and even before the blog of Sitepoint.com. I found one very good thing about this search result, there was list of videos from youtube related to search at the right hand side of the search related page.Unlike many search result of google and yahoo, where you’re going to many pages of search result this search engine showed only one search result page for this keyword and which were quite relevant to keyword.

The most wonderful thing about their search result is the rating system – you can vote up and down the search result. This feature really have some great benefits where the people can say weather the search result is relevant to search keyword or not. But this feature can be a misleading search result if some company hires people and ask for them to vote up the search result of their website.

I also wanted to look at the result of php developer jobs keyword in RankNoodle.com.I’m really impressed with the search result of this page. I found 5 conversation related to this search keyword and this is really a good feature in this new search engine.Though, I couldn’t found from where I can add the question and answer for this conversation.

Finally, I would I’ve a mixed up feeling for this new search engine. First of all, they have to add more information page where they should describe the features about this search engine. And, they have to really care about the new rating feature in the search result page which can be intruded at any time by malicious user.

6 thoughts on “A new search engine

  1. Bogdan

    It looks interesting but…
    Let’s be honest, any such attempt stands little chance of taking a noticeable share of Google’s position in the market.

    Many talk about monopoly for companies like Google as well as Microsoft, but let’s face it, they are where they are because their products are doing things right and with ease for the user.

    It’s hard to reinvent the wheel and innovations like giving the user the chance to rate the results looks nice at first, but is it really that useful or practical? I for one don’t want to do that, when I’m searching for something I want to find it quickly and get on with things.

  2. @Bogdan- I really like that there should be some equal competitor for Google which will give Google for some kind of competition for it’s huge market of search engine

  3. Nice nice no more google 😀

  4. It’s interesting how each person views seo (search engine optimization) in a different perspective.

  5. @Web Marketing solutions – you’re right every different user have their different choice of search result which is good from one point of view but dangerous as well because people can really misuse it for misleading search result

  6. mist

    About Us and Press pages don’t have anything in there except Check back soon…ranknoodle couldn’t find my site. Another new player Find.com claims to give more relevant results than Google. Really?

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