New flavour of website for nepali music lovers

Today I’m going to talk about a new Nepali music website which I liked a lot. I couldn’t stop talking about this new website. I think there are very few music websites which are dedicated to Nepali musics. Every person loves the music of their country which gives them the musical taste of their country. I’m here to  talk about nepali music website – .

What I liked in this Nepali music website that they’ve varities of nepali songs which are well categorized under various categories. I also liked the site’s simple navigation of this website. Just select the songs and start playing it from the embedded flash player from ProNepal which is also one of the plus point of this  website over the conventional musical sites which require real player for playing music.

Along with Nepali songs, this website also has different video sections dedicated for Nepali Videos. You can see the list of Nepali Video which are directly fetched from Furthermore, these great list of videos are categorized by artists.

The other good this about this website is Users can upload and share their music collection. Yes you can upload the musics you liked and share it among the other Nepali music fans.

In conclusion, ProNepal is a great website for Nepali music lovers who want to listen Nepali Songs from Internet. Their video category has impressed me a lot as I’ve not found such a massive collection of Nepali Videos which was directly taken from Youtube in any Nepali music website.

And I know many reader of this blog don’t understand Nepali, if you don’t then please listen to Nepali Songs and do let me know if you like it or Not.

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