Useful flash Components for your website

Today again, I’m going to talk about another website which might be very useful for the web developers  who use flash in their web application to add more interactivity to their web applications. contains huge list of useful flash components and extension. You can buy these flash components from their website with reasonable price and even you can get few components at free of cost. Most interestingly, to use these components in flash you require very little or no coding.

These flash components are used for extending the functionality of flash. These flash components or flash extensions are installed in Flash Authoring environment(IDE).

Various Flash Components has varieties of flash components divided in various categories like Menus, CMS, sounds and effects, charts etc. These exclusive collections of flash components or extensions can be useful to you for adding more visualization, effects and interactivity to your web based projects.

Now, I’m going to talk about few flash components from their website which I liked during my browsing to that website.

3D Menus Component

You can view the demo of 3D menu flash components in their website. You can different kind of 3D fancy in their website menu available at reasonable price. Once you buy them, you can easily create fancy menus with a very little code in your web application.

Hotflashvideo extension

Another very useful flash extension, which might be handy tool if you’re going to build a community based website or video portal. This extension allows you to easily add interactive hotspots to your Flash Video without embedding a heavy .flv into your SWF file. You can view the demo of hotstop and this extension from here.

If you click on the man in the video, you’ll see the detail of that person in the right hand side. Isn’t this a cool component?

Try Free Components

Even is providing some of the components at free of cost. You can download and use them in your project. Why don’t you try and use these free flash components from

2 thoughts on “Useful flash Components for your website

  1. Do we really need flash components for the small tasks like 3d menu?
    d-html or java scripts one are being loaded faster, and are web crawler friendly

  2. you have a clue. flashloaded do have the best collection of flash components right now and they are so cool that you definitely should use them.

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