Increase the feedburner’s feedcount with simple hack

Wish this tips could have known to me few days back then I could have been the blogging idol organized by will take just 5 minute to hack the stat of feedburner’s feedcount. And you can do it very easily. Just watch this video from Joop Dorresteijn from You are just one day from adding hundreds and thousand subscribers.Why don’t you increase the feedburner’s feedcount stat and get high ranking inĀ  the sites like and start promoting your blog.

6 thoughts on “Increase the feedburner’s feedcount with simple hack

  1. oh my god how easy it’s to hack that counter… Certainly Google needs to fix this!

  2. ya right …it’s is god damn easy…Now I’ve doubt over the winner of the blogging idol contest…I don’t know weather the winner is real or not

  3. Hem

    I can see the result at ur Feedburner count.. come to mine and see…

  4. @Hem – LOL…..let the netvibes fix this issuse man you’ll see the result…you’ll not find much fluctuation in my feedcount. And what if netvibes fix this issuse then in that particular day you’ll loose hundreds or thousand of subscribers. And after that, your loyal readers also unsubscribe from your blog.

    If I had to do something similar then I would have done this without posting this video man.

    I just want to alert and inform feedburner , netvibes and google so that people can see the actual feedcount in the blogs.

  5. Unfortunately Video is nomore available :(

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