Win a template worth $29.9 from at free of cost

Today for the first time, I’m running a competition in this blog. This is the great chance for win a premium templates from at free of cost.You don’t need to do much hassle for entering inside this competition just subscribe to RSS feed of this blog via e-mail and you’re in. I’ll choose the winner and the lucky winner will get the the template from the .

Rule for entering the competetion

  1. Subscribe to RSS feed of this blog via e-mail.
  2. After subscribing, leave the comment to this post and please explain a good reson why do you need the template from the .
  3. Be sure that you leave the comment with the same email address which you’ve used for subscribing the RSS feed otherwise you’ll be disqualified from the competition.
  4. If you’ve already subscribed to RSS feed of this blog via email then leave the comment with the same email address.

So guys don’t waste your time, hurry up and subscribe to RSS feed of this blog. Once I choose the winner he’ll select a template from and mail me the link then I’ll send the template to him/her.

Short review of contains the large varieties of quality website templates. These varieties of website templates are divided into various category in their website for user’s convenience.Personally, what I found this website offers the quality template at low cost compared to other similar websites. If you are a flash freak then you can choose large collection of flash templates from their website and buy them.I don’t think you can get such a great quality flash templates in similar website as low as $29.

11 thoughts on “Win a template worth $29.9 from at free of cost

  1. Jyotsna Sainju

    hey Roshan I will take $29.9 dollar instead of template if I win ha ha just kidding I need template make me winner.

  2. Competition is good. Keep such kind of competition regularly in your blog. I must win this template because I’m looking for the best template for my website

  3. I have already subscribed to your feed before. It’s nice to see this type of competition in your blog. Hope to see more interesting competitions..

  4. @Mukesh – Thanks mukesh….Hope get more competition in future as well.

  5. Hi Roshan:

    I read your blog regularly and I find your posts pretty useful.

    I badly need a new template for one of my websites:


  6. Im looking to redevlop my website with a new template and backend scripting system. I cannot being code work until i get a template as it is usually created template specific.

    Thanks for the comp, interesting and useful idea :)

  7. Alhtough I do not have the need to win a template I am very excited by this idea. I really love those incentives. The only thing that I miss is the competition in it.

  8. Wow, it’s really great contest! Good luck everyone!

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