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Today, I was searching for free icons for a website. And, I found a very useful website Free Icons Downloads offer over 230 high quality Royalty Free Icons sets. The best thing about them is all the Icon-set displayed in their website is free to download.You know many of similar kind of website offers high quality icons but you’ve to spend some money for this which you’ve not do in this website.

Icons divided in Various Category

There are more than 15 categories under which icons are categorized in Free Icons Download. So it will be easy for you to find the icon of certain category of your choice. Furthermore, you can browser the icon-sets by various options such as Latest, Most Downloads, Most Populars .

Useful Icons

Whenever I need icons for me, my first choice is Freeiconsdownloads as they have exclusive collections of useful items icons divided under various category. You can find the icons in that website easily navigating from different category.

Other free designing Stuff

Including free Icons,Freeiconsdownload has many other free designing stuffs like free banners, free logos and designs and interfaces. You can browser all these other free designing stuffs from the right sider bar of their website.

Have look at , it very useful website for for designing stuffs which you may need on your daily works.

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  1. nice find! i was looking for something similar a few days ago… will surely check it out!

  2. COOL!


  3. Bogdan

    A few more resources I use for this purpose:

    Very large collection and most at very high quality.

  4. Thanks for sharing the link about free icons download, which definitely has some very useful and pretty icons.


  5. Thanks everyone and Many thanks to Bogdan for sharing other useful links…

  6. sunil

    Hiiiiiii i found one new web site where u can download high quality icons for free hope u all will like it check it out

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