CRM software solutions for your business

Customers are the backbone of business. “Maintain the old customers and get the new customers” is the basic logic behind the successful business.So, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the vital component of your business and you should always manage good relationship with customer for the continuous growth of your business. For this, CRM software or sales automation software is used to support these processes by storing and managing information of customers and future customers.

If you want to manage the good relationship with customers  of your business and gain more customers then you can check the sales automation software from CIS group РSales Companion. As mentioned in their site, with the help of latest mobile technology Sales Companion allows the sales representative and delivery personnel manager to manage their sales cycle.

Route Companion , a complete direct store delivery software, is a complete software solution that allows you to manage the direct store delivery activities. With the help of hand held computer devices, delivery personnel can manage their daily activities with the help of this route accounting software.

Companion suite has got very good reviews from their clients as a CRM software. The major corporate clients in business are using this software suite which includes Coca-cola, Danone, Nestle and many more. So, If you want to improve and manage customer relationship in your business then why don’t you give Companion Suite a try.

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  1. Vincent Frank

    Terrible package and no customer support…there are much better products out there that cost nothing but give you the support you need.

  2. Very good info ! See more on

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