Broadband connection’s speed and my experience

Few days back, I was talking to a friend from Europe and we’re sharing our experience about Internet. I told him that I’m using 64 kbps broadband internet connection at home and he was shocked after hearing that. He even told me that he can’t Imagine life with such a low broadband  Connection. He is using 25-28 mpbs broadband connection at home.Now, it’s time for me to become shocked. As, I don’t know when such kind of high speed broadband connection will be available at Nepal. I hope I’ll be able to use such a great high speed Internet connection at my home at a reasonable price in near future.

Paying for 64kbps and using 800kbps connection

A interesting fact I’m goint to tell you, I use a technique to boost up the speed of Internet connection at my home.I’m not going to reveal the ISP’s name whose broadband Internet connection. Most Interestingly, I usually get the Internet connection of 800kbps at home by using this hack but the normal speed provided by the ISP is 64kbps. Sorry guys I’m also not going to reveal that technique as well otherwise my ISP will fix that hack and I won’t be able to browse at high speed :-) . Hence, I’m paying for 64kbps speed and using around 800kbps. Thanks to Mandip, one of my neighbour, for introducing this technique to me which really helped me to boost up the broadband speed othewise watching youtube video is just a Imagnitation in the speed of 64kbps.

What I use to check the speed of broadband connection

I’m using the broadband speed test from to test the speed of broadband Internet Connection. If you have to check the speed of your broadband Internet Connection then you can use this link to check your broadband speed. This website shows both of upload and download speed of your broadband connection.

As, I know there are diversed reader of this blog. Please post the comments to let us know  that what is the speed broadband connection you’re using at your home?

40 thoughts on “Broadband connection’s speed and my experience

  1. I use Tata’s 382kbps broadband. Its good enough for me.

  2. Hem

    Hey thats good.. i cant imagine of having 800 kbps at Nepal home…

    in india i m having 2 Mbps connection .

    I was shocked when one of my fren at Texas,USA ( lamar university ) showed me the screenshot of his broadband test . that was freaking 80 Mbps..

  3. Can you please mail me the procedure.. I am in real need of fast internet connection… I usually click on links and take a 5min powernap and start over again. :D. I am from Nepal too…

  4. @Binny V A – 382kbps is very good speed dude compared to 64kbps I’m using here.

    @Hem – oh god 80mbps….it’s a ultra high speed connection…when we can experience such a high speed out here in Nepal 😉

    @subesh – you’ll definately get a mail in a short while regarding the procedure and do let me know weather it works or not..

  5. Sajan

    I am also asking the procedure of increasing the bandwidth of broadband interenet

  6. @sajan – sorry bro I just can’t post it out here otherwise my ISP will kick our ass by solving this bug and We’ll never be able to do experience a such a high speed connection out here in Nepal.

  7. The Saint

    Hey could you plz help me with increasing my broadband conn speed. I think it has to do something with the config file of your modem. Anyway plz mail me the info if its too risky to post here. Thanks

  8. @Saint- this hack will only work for the broadband connection for Nepal. I’m not sure about Indian broadband….

  9. Roshan does the trick works for ADSL????

  10. @Pramod- I don’t now about ADSL but you may try who knows it might work…

  11. hi, cool web site and good articles.
    The The first step is to learn how to find out what your Internet speed is.The Internet speed is determined by 2 components: the download rate and the upload rate of data which are usually measured in Kilobits per second.
    Then after you know the upload and download rate, you can use tools or tweaks to improve your internet speed, or take the decision to change your ISP.

  12. @christina – ya I know the speed is determined by upload and download speed. The speed I’ve mentioned above is download speed in kilo bits per second.TO calculate the kilo byte per second you can just divide it mby 8…

  13. ballu

    Can you please mail me the procedure..

  14. Xtra-three

    Can you please mail me the procedure too..
    my mail id is

  15. nepalicana

    can u mail me the procedure too?? i’m desperate for it man…

  16. Are U using proxy like on your
    settings on browser like lan settings on Internet explorer or on Tools-Network Settings on Firefox

  17. Vinay

    Can You please mail me the procedure too. My email id is

  18. puneet

    plz email me the procedure too I will be gald if your procedure can increase my internet speed.

  19. Kiran

    Hey, i am from Nepal! Can you please mail me the procedure to boost my net speed. Regards

  20. Kiran

    i am in desperate need of it.

  21. hi.. roshan bro..can u tell me the software or the techniques how u boost ur intenet ..i need becoz i have work in internet just web hosting. i always got scolding from my boss. and in one two places i am throw out because of not hosting the internet at night in my hime ..and in morning i cant present the work to the boss so plz help me to get the boost of intenet ….plz post in email id..

  22. i am using BSNL Broad Band Connection on my home for past 2 years with 2MB speed. The speed is so good and i just paying roughly around 10$ with a1.5GB of dat

  23. How can you increase your broad band speed??? its impossible the bandwidth is not set at your modem. The settings are available only on ISP server

  24. Ayush

    Please send me that trick to speed up the internet. I am very bored of using slow internet connection.

  25. could u mail me the process plz…….

  26. mohan

    roshan send me that trick in my ad-,,,, please……..please roshan

  27. 60mbps down / 35mpbs up — America FTW

  28. Rajesh Shrestha

    can u let me know about the trick? i’m from nepal too, i paid my isp for 256Kbps and all i get is 5KBps of download speed :(
    Please email me about it.

  29. subrat

    thanks for the post. i needed to do the same with the wlink 256kbps connection i have? can you help me?

  30. manish

    hi brothers i never thought that there was such a great site to talk to our brothers.
    know why i didnt knew bcoz i use 19kbps high speed internet so i guess you know what im asking for.
    plz bro help me out im desprate.
    im dieing
    good day

  31. ranjeeta

    hey please send me the procedure. i use bsnl broadband in india . i get only 30 kbps download speed.
    please help me my email is

    looking forward to your mail.

  32. maiden

    hello!!! m frm nepal too!!! and i use 64kbps braband and the speed is very very slow!!! please can u help me please.. and send me the process in

  33. Manu Bopaiah

    Hello! I am from india and use BSNL broadband.could you mail me the procedure too, I dont know if it will work but its worth a try. email id

  34. Saurav

    Roshan Bro !
    Malai mail pani gardinuna hai
    my connectivity speed is KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    By the way…..m usin’ 64 kbps broadband

  35. Nofaith

    Please send me that trick to speed up the internet. I am very bored of using slow internet connection and it will very usefull to me.

  36. Bishisht Bhatta

    he man may i get the procedure for having such a ultra high speed connection you please tell me how can i use that… I am also fro nepal… could you please send me how to steal bandwidth from ISPs i am using 128kbps ADSL connection and having very big problems while downloading…

  37. Ashutosh

    Can u please send me a mail about the procedure to boost up my internet speed?
    I’m badly in need of that trick

  38. Aleksandar

    Please frined,
    can you send me a mail about a procedure?

  39. Pradeep

    help me pls I am from nepal and using 128 kbs adsl

  40. govinda khatiwada

    there is no such process to speed up the net otherwise he would have email any requests of the users.

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