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Get free ebooks of essential PHP and JavaScript tips , tricks & Hacks

As you might know that this blog and are providing free magazines to the reader of this blog. You can check the free magazines and E-book in the free magazines resource of this blog. You can find a collection of great resources of IT knowledge from here. And, today I'm here to highlight the great E-books from on essential PHP and JavaScript tips , tricks  and other resources. Full story

Few Programming Jokes

Another Sunday and time for some laugh. I've selected some of the humor related to programming and IT for this weekend. I think they are  fun and will bring some laugh to your face. Enjoy the programming related joke. Full story
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Handling array of HTML Form Elements in JavaScript and PHP

Today, I would like to share the way of handling array of HTML FORM elements using JavaScript and PHP.Well, it's very easy to get the data from the array of HTML form elements in PHP and using them but in JavaScript it's a bit tricky to handle the array of HTML form elements. I had a hard time to handle them via JavaScript in past thats why I'm posting it here so that people will not have hard time to cope with array of form elements in JavaScript and PHP. Full story

Using your laptop for various useful works

You can't imagine how powerful a laptop can be. You'll be surprised after looking at the Images below. How a laptop can be used for serving various useful and general needs as well. I'm really impressed by their multi-purpose use of their laptop. Do you use your laptop in the same way these guyz are doing? Full story
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Win a template worth $29.9 from at free of cost

Today for the first time, I'm running a competition in this blog. This is the great chance for win a premium templates from at free of cost.You don't need to do much hassle for entering inside this competition just subscribe to RSS feed of this blog via e-mail and you're in. I'll choose the winner and the lucky winner will get the the template from the . Full story
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