5 useful Google search tips you might now know

I never knew that Google search can be used as calculator, currency converter or height and weight unit converter. Today I’ve discovered few Google search technique and I would like to share those technique with you. Look at the few useful search technique and you’ll get the answer “Why Google is the superior search engine?”.

Google search tips to find time of a city or country

You can use “time” keyword followed by name of the city or country to find the current time of that country of city in Google search.

Examples :

time kathmandu
time new york

Google search tips for Currency conversion

you can use keyword like “1 USD in AUD” or “1 singapore money in japanese money” to find the currency difference using Google search.

Examples :

1 USD in thailand money
1 singapore money in australian money

Google Search tips for Unit conversion

You can use the following kind of examples to convert the various unit of height and weight.


1feet in meter
1feet in cm
1kg in pounds

Google search as calculator

You can enter math expression in Google search box to get the calculated result. For example, you can put the following expression in the Google search to find result of the calucation.



Using Google search as Dictionary

You can use the Google as a dictionary as well. Just you have to type the keyword as “define:keyword” in google search box and you’ll get the meaning of that word.



14 thoughts on “5 useful Google search tips you might now know

  1. Cool tips!

  2. Try…
    movie kung fu panda

  3. @Binny.. I know that tips but I’m not in USA bro thats the problem :-(

  4. w

    nice tips

  5. very useful tips. i never know that google have capability to that.

    i wanna know if other search engines have the same capabilities?

  6. Jay

    You can google for currency this way too.

    5 USD = ? EUR

    35 AUD = ? USD

    2.4 sq.yd = ? sq.ft

    2.7 lb = ? kg

  7. put this string in google search:

    ?intitle:index.of? mp3

    You only need add the name of the song/artist/singer.

    Example: ?intitle:index.of? mp3 jackson

    Try this..

  8. intitle :restricts results to documents whose title contains the specified phrase

    For Example “intitle:fox fire” will find all sites with the word “fox” in the title and “fire” in the text

  9. Check fight schedule
    One more thing you can do with Google – Check Your Flight Status. You only type : Air India 144
    This will show your air plane Departure and Arrival times. Try it… your flight name + Flight number.

    This will display the current status..

  10. IMF

    @Roshan, the time new york tip doesn´t work if you are outside the states I believe. By the way the spam protection is getting more and more difficult to answer 😉

  11. very useful

  12. pps

    Thanks for the tips!!

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