Tips to increase search engine traffic for your blog

Which kind of traffic are you interested for your blog ? Is it traffic from social media or Is it traffic from search engine ? Which kind of traffic  is the better for your blog ? It must be one the which is consistent and regular and it is the traffic from search engine. It’s been around 6 month when I started blogging in this domain. And nowadays, this blog is getting more than 1500 visits from the search engine.For detail,You can see the picture below directly taken from Google Analytics.

I think search engine traffic is the best traffic for your blog. Unlike social media traffic which are flashy, search engine traffic is consistent and regular. I’m so happy that this newborn blog is getting good amount of traffic from the search engine.

Do you know tips to build search engine traffic for your blog ?  Do you want to how to build the search engine traffic for your blog ?

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11 thoughts on “Tips to increase search engine traffic for your blog

  1. Hey Roshan, you’re certainly doing a great job here. I wish you would win the blogging idol contest. Keep up ! Looking forwards to your fresh search engine traffic generation tips!

  2. Here is a p/s 😛

    p/s: I believe you’re going to be the guru in blogging world too :)

  3. @1 T-shirt World – Thanks a lot for the motivation and good words

  4. IMF

    Yeah, great job, by the way I just subscribed to your rss.

  5. nice post my friend…is very helpfull fo me to understand how to increase my blog traffic

  6. great job !

  7. shankar


    can u please suggest me the free api for sms and chat if there are any.
    I wanna integrate both on my website.


  8. I was searching on the topic, “How to increase traffic to blog” I found this article interesting. I have subscribed. May you win the contest. All the best nice work.

  9. interesting article, im in need of traffic so this was a good find for me

  10. i will put this info to use

  11. yes this post is very great but increase traffic in w website plzz submit in these techniques

    directory submission
    article submssion
    social networking sites
    you are completed in these step.they are huge traffic in a website

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