that a coincidence or bargaining attempt?

You might have heard that Jeremy Shoemaker’s ( twitter account with user name “shoemoneymedia” was deleted by twitter for some violation of rule and within few hours this account was taken by another person and started tweeting in the name of Jeremy. Well, Shoemoney is one of the biggest name in the Internet Marketing and somebody would really like to use his name so that he can make some deal with him.

But as far as I remember, I’d checked somewhere around 40 days back in weather is available or not and it was available at that time.Today, mistakely I’ve typed “” instead of “” and saw that it is already registered. I thought there is somebody whose name is similar to me and might have registered that domain.

But, it is not as simple as the way I’ve thought it. That domain is for SALE guyz, a good news for me. Seems that “roshanbh” become a popular name in the Internet …LOL. Most Interestingly, you should place the bid of more than 60 euro to purchase that domain. Oufff…In that cost I can buy more than 7 or 8 domains from

Here is the whois detail of “”.

WHOIS information for: :

[] Domain Name : Registrant
Contact : �志明 Registrant
Organization : �志明
Administrative Mail :
Status : clientDeleteProhibited
Domain Name Server :
Registration Date :2008-5-27 Expiration Date : 2009-5-27

And here is the page from where you can buy the, if you’re interested you can buy from there.

I’m not sure the domain registrant targetted me and placed that domain for auction or it is just a coincidence. I don’t think there is any company with the name of “roshanbh”. What do you think ? Please leave your thought on comments below.

8 thoughts on “ that a coincidence or bargaining attempt?

  1. You seem to be doing fairly well with this domain so I probably wouldn’t worry about it too much 😛 $60 is a lot of money just to get rid of the .np IMO.

  2. The trend of people/companies buying domain names in bulk , is becoming more and more evident.
    I am personally very frustrated and disappointed in this practice.
    I’d imagine, but don’t have any proof, that there are programs that sniff the expired domain names and purchase them automatically.
    I’ve 2 domains of mine and 3 domains that belonged to my clients snapped like that.
    And just like your name, the domains we lost were non-common names.

    As far as I’m concerned, this is theft!
    Unfortunately there’s not much protection out there against this practice. Unless you have a registered trademark and/or business name and got the muscle to wrestle the domain away from those people.

  3. I don’t give damn to domain coz If I wanted I would have already bought it when I’ve checked its availability…I don’t give damn to that domain… is fine with me..

    Kamy seems to have much suffered with domain hijacking…

  4. they probably got it hoping for some type in traffic of people trying to get to your blog.

  5. I took as my domain name. Someone had already taken mukesh dot com dot np. Later I found that chapagain dot com is already registered. Anyway, I am happy with this domain.. :)

  6. Hem

    YOu are popular man…. :-)

  7. Hem

    my name .com ( ) is also already accupied

  8. you’re also popular man then…….enjoy popularity..

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