jQuery is the most popular JavaScript and Ajax Framework

In last poll, Many people supported Zend Framework as the first choice for the PHP developments. And, today I would like to announce the result of the poll “which is the best JavaScript and Ajax framework ?” I would like to thanks all of you 690 voters who has participated in this poll. Today, I’ve no hesitation on saying that jQuery is the most popular and leading choice of web developer as a JavaScript and Ajax framework.

You can look at the poll result below. There is no dispute that  John Resig’s JavaScript library (jQuery) is their first choice as 52% web developers have voted for this library. In this blog, I’ve also posted many jQuery tutorials, Check them out .

Which is the best JavaScript and Ajax framework?

  • jQuery (52%, 356 Votes)
  • Dojo (14%, 99 Votes)
  • Prototype.js (13%, 91 Votes)
  • Ext.js (9%, 62 Votes)
  • Mootools (7%, 47 Votes)
  • YUI (Yahoo User Interface) (7%, 45 Votes)

Total Voters: 690

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14 thoughts on “jQuery is the most popular JavaScript and Ajax Framework

  1. You have regular posts about jQuery and would therefore attract visitors interested in jQuery. Doesn’t this make your poll biased in favor of jQuery?

  2. Well, I’ve never induced the visitors to vote for jQuery and polling is the individual choice of people.
    If people get influenced by my regular post of jQuery and they like it then we can’t say it is biased poll it’s their individual choice which id not bias at all….

  3. TK

    I’m a jQuery fan, but this poll is obviously biased for the reason Kent mentioned. The jQuery posts make it more likely that jQuery fans see the poll than for example Prototype fans. As a parallell consider a poll to measure how many people are religious. If you conduct it in a church you will get get a different answer than if you conduct it in a, say, university.

  4. @TK- I don’t know how every dzone’s and stumbleupon’s user’s can be the fan of jQuery.

    And furthermore, If you’re going to conduct the religious poll in church then you’ll get 99% result rather than 52% ….

  5. Hello,

    I think Kent meant the other thing – your main auditory prefers jQuery so of course they vote appropriately :).

  6. Thanks for the post and your love for jQuery.
    Agreed to all the commenter’s, If you conduct openly the results will be very different.

  7. @shopping cart- If you think this poll is biased then what do you have to say about google. can you look at this google trend?


  8. Caligula

    @Roshan/Google Trends: Search query trends are misleading in so many ways. That there is bias in your poll is highlighted by the trends result anyway, which has Prototype and jQuery quite close in terms of search popularity.

    Your poll is *a* datapoint, but hardly unbiased.

  9. TK

    The trend is very promising for jQuery. By the way, by biased I mean simply skewed or un-representative, not devious favorisation as the word is sometimes used.

  10. I think that jQuery is fantastic.

    I don’t know anything about javascript but just following some of the tutorials out there, I’ve been able to produce some clever effects.

    I think that for those of us who can’t manage php and other server side scripts, jQuery is the tops.


    Keith D

  11. xax

    good website!

  12. hi all,
    It grate discussion going here. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript. language..

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