Help me to become the first Blogging Idol

There is a fun competition on organized by named as Blogging Idol Competetion. This is competition among those blogs of which have less than 1,000 RSS Subscribers and I’ve also participated in this.The question is who is going to be the winner? The blog which will be able increase more number of RSS subscribers in the month of July that other blogs will be announced as the winner.

Will this blog be the winner of this competition??

Friend, it all you people who can make me win in this competition. If I will be able to get more no. of RSS subscribers in this month. So, my target will be to get more and more and more RSS subscribers in this month. But there is one problem with me, I’m very poor in marketing :-( .

But effort of you guys can make me to win this competition. If you are good in marketing I’m looking for the tips from you to increase the number of RSS subscribers .

How can you subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog ?

  1. You can directly put your email address to the email subscription box in the right sidebar of this blog and after subscribing you must activate your subscription by clicking on the link.
  2. I know you all use Firefox browsers to browse the web and all you need to subscribe to the RSS feed using Firefox Live bookmark. You can do this by clcking on the “Subscribe in reader” link in the top of the right sidebar of this blog. In the next page, you have to may have to click on the “View XML Feed” and the subscribing using firefox live bookmark.
  3. You can also Subscribe using google reader of google. I think you all have have the gmail accounts then you can use google reader to subscribe to this blog.
  4. You can use My Yahoo and other RSS subscription resources to subscribe the RSS feed of this blog.

Why Should I subscribe to this blog ?

In this month, I’m going to post some of the useful and interesting tutorials and some of them includes

1) Animated flashing message box using jQuery

2) Animated Tooltip using jQuery

3) Creating Rounded Corner box without using Images

3) Vibrating Ajax login in PHP

5) State Preserved Accordion menu using jQuery (Last time I’ve posted how to create accordion menu using jQuery but State was not preserved in that example) .

UPDATE : Blogging Idol is live now. Here is the list of Competitor of Blogging Idol.

Help me to become the First Blogging Idol and For this

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14 thoughts on “Help me to become the first Blogging Idol

  1. Sorry but I think you will have to settle for second – behind me 😀

    You have a great blog, best of luck with Blogging Idol.

  2. one idea to promote readers to subscribe would be .. announcing prizes for RSS subscribers in the month of july.. winner shall be chosen with a lucky draw.. and there shall not be only one winners.. you can provide prizes to first, second, third winner and the consolation prize as well.. and announce that there shall be a bumper prize for RSS subscribers if you become the blogging idol.. i think this will surely work.. and work better !!

    all the best..

  3. @Tom – All the best to you as well dude..

  4. sorry Tom you have to settle for 2nd place coz I am in tooo….

  5. @Tom and @Rajit – It seems that I’ve to satify with the third position coz you guyz are fighting for first and second place…LOL

  6. Good luck mate.

    Will be an interesting contest.

    I hope I make the top 10!

    Just need to spend a few days writing my content for the month and then promote my blog.

  7. ok +1 here.Good Luck!!

  8. ONE UP… 😀

  9. Thanks subesh…..

  10. Hey Roshan, you might want to follow the Building RSS Group Writing Project that I’m running:

    The whole point of winning the $350 in prizes is to get people to submit rss-building tips for us Blogging Idol’ers.

    Good luck with either contest :)

  11. plus 1

  12. IMF

    I also joined!

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