My First Google Adsense Cheque

Hello friends you must know Google Adsense is one of the popular way of monetizing the blog. Today, I’ve got the first cheque from Google and I would like to share it with you guyz. It is not that¬† big money I’m making from Adsense. In first six month, I was able to make just $165. But, making money from a blog goes slowly and steadily. Most Importantly, this is tech blog and most visitor are aware of Google Adsense so they don’t click on the Google ads usually.

My first google adsense checkque

The above cheque doesn’t contain the big amount but it is my first cheque from Google and you must know that everything which comes first in your life is always precious and so this cheque is.¬† Hope this might be a ladder for huge adsense cheque for me in future :-) .

37 thoughts on “My First Google Adsense Cheque

  1. Hem

    Congrats man… u must b having other income source not only google…

  2. yes Hem I’ve other source of income for this blog.I’m making more money than Adsense from them.

    But don’t know why I felt more happy when I get this cheque from Adsense. Might be I got it in second re-issue of this cheque.

  3. naraiN

    Congrats bro i am very happy for u yar j bhaye pani yo moment bhaneko yehi ho even then u earn lot from other stuffs hoina ra.
    All the best hai google bata ra aru bata checque ko barshat hos hai along with the reputation u have gained.

  4. Thanks Narain for motivation…

  5. CONG………. So when’s the Coffee Party?

  6. It surely is a great feeling to receive your first cheque.

    Enjoy :-)

  7. Congrats man!

    I’ve been getting those cheques for years and they STILL excite me!!

  8. Congratulations. I still remember my first check

  9. @Binny VA – ya I had a special feeling when I got that cheque…

  10. discuss adsense revenue is violating google’s TOS…. FYI….

    Btw, Congrats to you and good luck!

  11. thanks..but I don’t this is violating TOS…adsense revenue means you can’t discuss ur CTR and ECPM of adsense publicly…but regarding checque no porblem…you can check there is a huge cheque

  12. Congratulations, i still waiting my check :)

  13. Your blog has a tremendous value. I think its under monetized. Try other monetizing methods, Like affiliate promotions. People who visit this kind of blogs are more likely in the online money making area. So they don’t hesitate to buy stuffs they need online

  14. @HappyGirl – Thanks!!..I’m not that good in Internet Marketing..I’m trying the other options but couldn’t get the right way from it…

  15. hi,

    it’s fun to receive the first cheque, isn’t it ?

    how many days does it take to cash in ? and how much the cost ? and in what country are you live ?


  16. @Internet Marketing – Ya it is a great feeling when your receive your first cheque. I live in Nepal.
    Regarding the cheque, I’ve handled it over to my parent who works in the government bank out here and they’ve deposited it to my account. And, I’m not sure how many days does it took to cash in.

  17. wow! galing… I also have got my first google cheque after a year.

    I am not a guru anyway… visit mine

  18. I have waited nearly a year to reach $100 for my adsense. Can U show me to make it shorter for my next second cheque?

  19. @Penggrong – I’m just making around $100 each month with more than 85k pageviews per month and I know a person with same amount of traffic making around $1000 per month … so I’m another poor guy like you man I really need to take tips from those people for monetizing this blog…

  20. Congrat man.. i have one and it just 4 month old and able to earn 20$ per month. my blog is usually receive 200 visitors per month. you can see my blog by clicking my name.. Currently it made 79$ since from my first post. Aug 20. waiting to reach 100$

  21. Congratulations man. keep going. Hope you will earn more in coming days.

  22. Congratulations. I just wanted to let you know that I think you should edit the image and block out your personal information like your full name and the numbers on the bottom of your check

  23. Engr Chike

    please dear

    it is from through search engine i got to know this site i want to ask u for a favor i am into this google adsense and i want to know how i can be paid by this ending i blived bef4 the end i will be making up to 500-1000 dollars i am in nigeria i need to know it soon so i can join the people the are paying this month
    i want to know how to put my account into paying please just help me thanks till i hear from u please as i said through search engine i got ur site and i will love u to send me the detail in my box thanks for ur kindness

  24. i am just starting out with Google Adsense. i am hoping that i would earn a good deal of money on this program.

  25. i really love Google Adsense. i could earn a decent amount of cash with this make money online program from Google.

  26. good friends, my blog unfortunately can not install google adsense

  27. Adsense is the best paying make money online program on the internet. I just wish that i could increase my website traffic to high levels so that i could earn more money on Adsense.

  28. Wherd did you grab the cheque? is it through the mailing address you registered with?

  29. Hey man when do you recive your check??

  30. Aditya Bhaskar 11

    Do you get more checks for google?????

  31. I’m getting one usually in a month….

  32. i am really very thankful that Google launched the Adsense program. this enables most of us who owns several websites to work at home.

  33. Congreats Roshan.. I am still waiting for my first Google check..I also have bad luck..

  34. Great job Roshan! Nice to knw about your first cheque experience. I m sure you must be earning a lot now!


  35. hi


  36. Recently, western union was disabled in Nepal for Google Adsense Payment. Now, only cheque is possible.

    So I would like to know, Roshan, that how much will the bank deduct or how much they will charge for our adsense cheque.

  37. rajram

    i too recently got check but don know how to cash them so it would be great ful if u provide any idea


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