Anti Spam protection for your organization’s email server

Are you getting annoyed by spam emails? Are you spending a lot of time in deleting junk emails ? Then , you’re heading towards to get the spam filtering firewall for your incoming emails.To fight against junk emails, I recommend you to  check out anti spam filtering service provided by Primetech. I think it worth paying $2.50 per month to protect your mailbox from spam emails if you and your organization is wasting hours of to delete those emails. You might be wondering how the spam email are filtered by them. All the incoming email to your email server are routed through the Barracuda anti-SPAM servers providing maximum filtration against the junk emails

Primetec is also providing Barracuda Spam firewall. It incorporates both hardware and software to provide anti spam security of your email server protecting viruses, spam, spoofing and spyware attacks.Barracuda Span Firewall can be a safeguard for the email servers of your organization.

If you’re concerned about blocking certain website or blocking IM in your organization then you can check other products from Primetec. They are also providing web security services and products.Barracuda Web Filter can be used for content filtering, application blocking and spyware protection according to the Internet usage policy of your organization. Furthermore, you can use Barracuda IM Firewall for your organization if you want to manage the network operation of the instant messaging services. Barracuda Web Application Controllers, another product from Primentch, can be used for the protection against hackers attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in Web applications of your organization.

6 thoughts on “Anti Spam protection for your organization’s email server

  1. Michael

    I am using Abaca’s spam filter to protect my mail server from spam and phishing mails.Abaca’s spam filter is based on a new technology called ReceiverNet. ReceiverNet technology characterizes each protected user based on the percentage of spam they receive and then uses those reputations to rate the incoming message flow. I changed my spam filtering system to Abaca’s Email Protection Gateway and it blocked Replica watches spam mails, Subpoena Phishing mails and many more. I found that Abaca’s spam filter has 99% efficiency in blocking spam mails and they guarantee their results. For more information, log on to

  2. @Michael – will surely check that protection as well…

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  4. very good!
    I’m from Brazil!

  5. We use a Hardware Spamfilter by Barracuda … and we Love It …. is easy to use but a little expensive …

  6. Its good information. we have used spam assasin and other services. But in the end we were not fully satisfied with them.

    Will surely try this one :)

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