Web Services and PHP – SOAP vs XML-RPC vs REST

What is web services? In a typical web surfing scenario, a visitor visits a website and use the functionality provided by that particular website.HTTP request is send to server from web browsers and server responses are translated by browser to display the desired result of the visitor. But, this scenario has been changed in the […]

Some true acronyms

Another weekend, time for some laugh. Today I’m going to post few acronyms and their actual meaning. And believe me, you’ll enjoy these true full-forms.  Have a look at these and enjoy.

Get the IT magazines, journals and white paper at free of cost

Hello friends….Today I’m very happy to announce a good news for the readers of roshanbh.com.np. In collaboration with tradepub.com. Today, I’ve launched http://roshanbh.tradepub.com, it a free book and magazine store and the resources available are all in free of cost. So don’t be late start surfing the store right now and get the free copy […]

My First Google Adsense Cheque

Hello friends you must know Google Adsense is one of the popular way of monetizing the blog. Today, I’ve got the first cheque from Google and I would like to share it with you guyz. It is not that  big money I’m making from Adsense. In first six month, I was able to make just […]

Top Floating message box using jQuery

Last time, I’ve shown you how to create a alert box using jQuery. This time, I’ve come up with another tutorial to show you how to display floating message box in the top of  the browser using jQuery. The message box always get displayed at the top of the browser although you move across the […]

Tips to increase search engine traffic for your blog

Which kind of traffic are you interested for your blog ? Is it traffic from social media or Is it traffic from search engine ? Which kind of traffic  is the better for your blog ? It must be one the which is consistent and regular and it is the traffic from search engine. It’s […]

roshanbh.com..Is that a coincidence or bargaining attempt?

You might have heard that Jeremy Shoemaker’s (www.shoemoney.com) twitter account with user name “shoemoneymedia” was deleted by twitter for some violation of rule and within few hours this account was taken by another person and started tweeting in the name of Jeremy. Well, Shoemoney is one of the biggest name in the Internet Marketing and […]

Anti Spam protection for your organization’s email server

Are you getting annoyed by spam emails? Are you spending a lot of time in deleting junk emails ? Then , you’re heading towards to get the spam filtering firewall for your incoming emails.To fight against junk emails, I recommend you to  check out anti spam filtering service provided by Primetech. I think it worth […]

5 useful Google search tips you might now know

I never knew that Google search can be used as calculator, currency converter or height and weight unit converter. Today I’ve discovered few Google search technique and I would like to share those technique with you. Look at the few useful search technique and you’ll get the answer “Why Google is the superior search engine?”.

How to control the case of characters using CSS?

How are you controlling the case of the characters in your project. Talking about me, I was using ucwords() function of PHP to control the case of the characters when required. Today, I come to know  two new property of CSS which controls the output of the case of the characters of the words.

Flashing Alert Message Box using JQuery

As you can see in the poll running on this blog, jQuery is leading among the other JavaScript framework by a good margin. And, this blogger is also a great fan of jQuery.This time, I’ve come up with another tutorial of jquery. In this post I’ll show you how to make sliding and flashing alert […]

Help me to become the first Blogging Idol

There is a fun competition on organized by dailyblogtips.com named as Blogging Idol Competetion. This is competition among those blogs of which have less than 1,000 RSS Subscribers and I’ve also participated in this.The question is who is going to be the winner? The blog which will be able increase more number of RSS subscribers […]